The Turn of the Screw

Sacramento Opera

Composer: Benjamin Britten
Conductor: Timm Rolek

Director: Chuck Hudson

Review Quotations

Daring 'Turn of the Screw' thrills with a fine cast: In the Sacramento Opera's deeply engaging and highly provocative production of Benjamin Britten's "The Turn of the Screw," sexual awakening is the dramatic fuse that sets the drama on fire...Chuck Hudson's crisp and erotically veiled direction is filled with just the right fervor of caged sexuality. In this production, the housekeeper has unrealized sexual desires of her own that are directed toward the governess. All this seething ethereal erotica makes you wonder what's in the drinking water in this country estate.

Imagine Benjamin Britten's "The Turn of the Screw" in a spirited, flawless performance, a splendidly cast, convincingly directed, spectacularly sung and played production...(Quint's) ghostly evil character (in Chuck Hudson's self-effacing and clearly communicating direction) received equally deserved bravos and hisses. Director and singer are both special in their ability and willingness to disappear in their work. There is no Regietheater or star in Sacramento, "only" good direction and great performance.

Sac Opera’s production (of Turn of the Screw) was elegantly staged and shrewdly interpreted by director Chuck Hudson, whose program note rightly observes the Hitchcockian overtones of the material–which “seduces as well as repulses the audience by what is left unsaid.” Highly skilled, increasingly kinky, unabashedly creepy.