Master Classes


My Master Classes provide opera singers with the Acting Skills they need, helping them to act truthfully while singing, and to be confident while auditioning.

I believe in aiding a performer not just to be accidentally creative, but to be Successfully Creative, structuring independence by exploring performance techniques from a unified physical, dramatic, and vocal standpoint so that singers no longer need constant supervision and direction.

This is a true marriage of Voice, Acting, and Movement Techniques, creating speech or singing as a consequence of movement, movement that is nourished by vocal techniques, and creating the “Behavioral Life” of a character in action.

Acting & Movement Master Classes for singers and stage directors
In-Person and Virtual Sessions

Upcoming Master Classes

Chuck is an internationally recognized Master Teacher of Acting and Movement Skills for singers, including Coaching Audition Material from a dramatic and presentational standpoint. He offers this work at Universities, Conservatories, and Professional Artist Training Programs around the world.

Topics Include

  • Acting and Movement Techniques for Singers and Actors (Series)
  • Preparing a Role (Series)
  • Creating the Arc of Character in Opera (Series)
  • Creating Action in Opera
  • Arias and Action: A 3 Dimensional Technique for Auditioning and Solo Performance
  • Creating the Arc of Character in an Audition
  • Act Bigger : Presentational Techniques to play in larger houses
  • Trouser Roles and Cross Gender Performance
  • Comedy and Comic Timing
  • Generating Dramatic Presence
  • Monologues for Singers
  • Period Style Movement Techniques: Baroque to Victorian
  • Master Classes and Mentoring for Stage Directors
  • Creativity Training for Performing Artists