I am continuing to present many of my Acting and Movement Master Classes for singers and stage directors Online.

Master Classes

Successful Creativity

My master classes are designed to develop techniques in people who intend to make their living from a career in the Performing Arts. I believe in aiding a performer not just to be accidentally or sporadically creative, but to be Successfully Creative: structuring independence by developing skills that allow artists no longer to need constant supervision and direction. My particular focus is to explore performance techniques from a unified physical, dramatic, and vocal standpoint. This is a true marriage of Voice, Acting, and Movement Techniques, creating speech or singing as a consequence of movement, movement that is nourished by vocal techniques, and creating the “Behavioral Life” of a character in action.

Upcoming Master Classes

Chuck is an internationally recognized Master Teacher of Acting and Movement Skills for singers, including Coaching Audition Material from a dramatic and presentational standpoint. He offers this work at Universities, Conservatories, and Professional Artist Training Programs around the world.

Topics Include

  • Acting and Movement Techniques for Singers and Actors
  • Arias and Action: A 3 Dimensional Technique for Auditioning and Solo Performance
  • Act Bigger : Presentational Techniques to play in larger houses
  • Preparing a Role
  • Trouser Roles and Cross Gender Performance
  • Comedy and Comic Timing
  • Master Classes and Mentoring for Stage Directors
  • Monologues for Singers
  • Period Style Movement Techniques: Baroque to Victorian
  • Creativity Training for Performing Artists