Thank you so much Chuck, I’m feeling so much better ever since we started working together. I had a lot of confidence issues and like you said, when we know what we do in every given moment, the confidence just comes by itself. I’m so grateful to you!!

-Sigal Chen, Soprano: NYC

I wanted to send a big thank you for your time, dedication, insight, and knowledge! The class was always the highlight of my week. While I was familiar with a good amount of the information and techniques, the way you present and interpret it is superior. It is simple and specific while at the same time engaging and thought-provoking!!

-Aurora Martin, Soprano: Boston

I want to extend my gratitude to you for working with the Athlone Artists over these past few months. It has been a treat to learn from someone who has such a mastery of his craft, and to do so in such an organized and entertaining way. -Susie Hellman

-Spatafora, Soprano: St Petersburg

I thought you were brilliant in managing the Skype session….pacing, getting your point across even though you were on a laptop screen on a barstool across the room. I felt you really connected even thru that medium and honestly it felt like you were in the room.

-Dean Williamson, Conductor–Music Director of Nashville Opera

Had the greatest time yesterday working with Chuck Hudson on some new audition material! Singer friends: Have a coaching with Chuck next time he is in NYC! I can not say enough amazing things! Thank you Chuck!!

-Chelsea Friedlander, Soprano: NYC

Thank you for the work you did with our students last week. The 2nd years came into class this week energized and excited about the new tools they had to work with. The 1st years, who only saw the masterclass, came with loads of questions and curiosity. It will be fun continuing to explore your process with them all.

-Amanda Consol, Director of Acting, Maryland Opera Studio, University of Maryland School of Music

I’ve actually been applying your staging of arias in to many of my auditions and repertoire and not only is it received better but it means that I have more enjoyment and freedom when I’m singing.

-Ana Fernandez-Guerra, Soprano: Berlin

My day ended with a mind-blowing, enlightening and fun coaching session with director, Chuck Hudson, who is so brilliant at showing you that even within a 6 minute aria you can create a scene, a story and a dramatic intensity that supports the music and communicates the text.

-Adrian Tamburini, Bass: Opera Australia

On behalf of everyone – scholars and staff – I would like to thank you for bringing all of your expertise and enthusiasm to our program. It has been, as always, a very challenging and stimulating week for the scholars who appreciate this kind of work so much, I know. They have been fulsome in their praise of your teaching and clear about how much they have learnt…

-Bruce Raggatt, Programme Coordinator: The Melba Opera Trust

It was fantastic to listen to your ideas from the piano and hear the effect it had on these young singers…such a wonderful opportunity for them (and me on the sidelines!)

-Kate Johnson, Coach-Accompanist: Opera Australia

Thank you so much for the clear, generous, transformative and astonishing work that you engendered during this visit. You leave many fans.

-Simon Kenway, Pacific Opera

Just want to say a heartfelt big thank you to Pacific opera for enabling me to have that coaching..it was the best singing coaching/experience I have had in a seriously long time. Many thanks

-Kate Wilmont, Soprano

Thanks so much for everything you have done with us this week – a few eye-opening experiences for some of them, and so much positive feedback. Thank you. This has truly been the highlight of our program this year.

-Pamela Andrews, Operations Manager: Pacific Opera

I just wanted to send a big thank you to P.O. for subsiding and coordinating private lessons with Chuck Hudson. Chuck brought such incredible dramatic nuance to the texts we worked on. His ability to illuminate rich and expressive subtexts helped me to expand my thinking about characterisation. He has demystified audition and recital presentation for me in a way that I’m sure will effect every performance I give from now on. I have not experienced this kind of coaching before. It has highlighted for me that every singer can be connected with text and context in a way that enables their best performance, regardless of the setting in which they are performing. I really appreciate that P.O. saw it fit to give everyone the opportunity to work with Chuck at this level. Thank you for your support and mentorship of us all.

-Rebecca MacCallion, Soprano

Far too few programs offer this sort of training which is particularly evident when we send younger artists to audition in Europe. We often get the feedback from EU presenters that “the voice is beautiful and the technique is flawless, but the artist is so boring!” Thanks for doing your part in combating that.

-Adam Cavagnaro, IMG Artists San Francisco / NYC

Chuck gives a fantastic workshop! Love his work: so engaging, funny, and genuine.

-Kristine Hurst-Wajszczuk, National Association of Teachers of Singing VP for Workshops: NYC

Chuck Hudson’s classes are the best! Still carry those lessons with me today!

-Christina Hager, Soprano

I got more out of my hour with him than all of my theater classes in college combined!

-Melinda Massie, Actor

I wanted to thank you for our work together (I can’t wait to see you again), and let you know that the tools we worked on have been game changers even after one session. I have felt so secure in my auditions and had a great turn out so far with casting for the fall and winter. Most of all, I was offered a spot on Wade Artist Management’s roster as a principle artist!

-Elyse K., Soprano: NYC

I came third in the International Classical Singer Competition (emerging professional division) in Chicago from a very big group and very competitive field of singers. I performed in over five rounds for the podium finish. Thanks very much for the coaching and insights, it made a big difference to the dramatic delivery.

-Max R., Counter-Tenor: Melbourne, Vienna

(After working their audition arias with Chuck Hudson) KIRI PROGRAMME YOUNG SINGERS SOAR: Katherine McIndoe, Filipe Manu and Madison Nonoa have taken up £20,000 scholarships at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London…Jarvis Dams won the prestigious New Zealand Aria Competition and the top award at the IFAC Handa Napier Performing Arts Competition…Filipe, Natasha and Katherine were semi-finalists in this year’s IFAC Handa Australian Singing Competition with Filipe going on to win the competition and the coveted Marianne Mathy Scholarship. His prize included a A$30,000 study award, and the opportunity to audition for Lyric Opera of Chicago’s professional-artist development program…Natasha won the $5000 first prize at the Dame Malvina Major Foundation Dunedin Aria final and was a guest artist for two concert series with the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra.

-ARIA: The Newsletter of the Kiri Te Kanawa Foundation No. 24

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you again for the work we did in Auckland. I had my audition at Guildhall last week, and sang the Stravinsky – and just found out I got in! The great thing was that, after all the work we had done on that aria, I felt so calm and in control in the audition, and much more able to really perform it even under stress – so thank you very much!

-Katherine M., Soprano: Auckland NZ

I wanted to write to you to thank you and say how much I learned from your course…I went on to audition at the Guildhall School of Music in London and in all three of the audition rounds I found myself re-creating/inventing the arias that we worked through together and because of the planning and “beats of action” we talked through, I felt so much more confident and comfortable…I have been accepted into the Opera Studies Programme at Guildhall on a full fees scholarship, which I am just over the moon about. I really believe that the coaching sessions with you made such an enormous difference to my thinking about singing and performing in general and I am very thankful to have had the time to work with you — thank you for helping me to set my standards for myself much higher.

-Madison N., Soprano: Auckland NZ

I wanted to say thank you for what you’ve taught me over the past couple of years in your coaching sessions, masterclasses and workshops at Pacific Opera. I’ve been chosen as a scholar for the Melba Opera Trust this year and I felt so much more confident presenting my audition pieces due to the work we have done together. One audition panel member said that she found my performance really engaging and I’ve been getting lots of feedback from various people in the industry about how much my acting has improved.

-Georgia H., Soprano: Sydney

I thought of you after I received a roar of applause from my performance of Philip’s aria for a performance at the Savage Club here in Sydney after the PO masterclass that you gave me. Even though I was sick on the day of performance, the work you did with me, helped keep that performance together and I actually sang better than ever!

-C. Nazarian, Bass: Sydney.

I wanted to thank you for the coaching I had with you on the aria. It really opened up so many more opportunities for me to explore and the audience to see Alice throughout her lifetime in just a few moments.

- Shauntai Batzke