Review Quotations Sacramento Opera returns to full-length production with tasteful ‘Rigoletto’. (With) the return of former music director Timm Rolek as conductor and Chuck Hudson directing…this production signals that the company is back to producing full-length opera and in this production they have done so tastefully – which should always be a hallmark of this …

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Hansel und Gretel

Review Quotations Opera Cleveland serves up a hearty and graceful “Hansel and Gretel”. Chuck Hudson’s fluid staging kept the events moving blissfully along, with fine attention to characterization and atmosphere…the inventive episode during the pantomime featuring Hansel and Gretel’s deceased mother (danced by Lisa L. Lock) added psychological resonance. – Donald Rosenberg, Plain Dealer Reporter …

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The Turn of the Screw

Review Quotations Daring ‘Turn of the Screw’ thrills with a fine cast: In the Sacramento Opera’s deeply engaging and highly provocative production of Benjamin Britten’s “The Turn of the Screw,” sexual awakening is the dramatic fuse that sets the drama on fire…Chuck Hudson’s crisp and erotically veiled direction is filled with just the right fervor …

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La Bohème

Review Quotations The Berkshire Opera’s first production of Puccini’s little masterpiece about love and friendship in the springtime of life succeeds under Chuck Hudson’s staging for a simple reason: It seems real, delightfully and painfully so… The accent in Hudson’s conceit for this “Bohème” is on realism. One never senses a mere traffic cop moving …

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Madama Butterfly

Review Quotations Madama Butterfly soars with simplicity. Stillness has a way of making sudden gestures seem profound. On Saturday, the Shreveport Opera’s production of “Madama Butterfly” soared because it made the simplest actions ” either strewing flowers petals or unsheathing a dagger ” overflow with emotion. The production was directed by Chuck Hudson and conducted …

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Le Comte Ory

Review Quotations Imagine Boccaccio channeled by Monty Python and you’ll have some idea of the hilarity of Wolf Trap Opera Company’s production of Rossini’s Le Comte Ory…The splendid 20-member cast revels in outrageous overacting and onstage wardrobe malfunctions. The set’s angles and proportions are all wrong — which is exactly right. See Le Comte Ory …

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Le Nozze di Figaro

Review Quotations Overall credit must obviously go to a production team, who have worked long and hard to achieve so fluent a production, especially one which moves at this pace. Chuck Hudson’s direction is a winning combination of textual and historical fidelity, coupled with just enough leeway to ensure a surprising degree of contemporary currency. …

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Il Barbiere di Siviglia

Review Quotations The Barber of Seville…will keep you laughing for the better part of the night… Director Chuck Hudson never veered into slapstick or overextended the joke; he knew when to trust the audience. The sharp comic timing gave the stylized humor a sense of spontaneity. – Rasmi Simhan, Sacramento Bee


Review Quotations Director Chuck Hudson and choreographer Catherine Turocy have effectively re-created that charming mix of martial arts and dance that has been a vital sideshow in French opera since its earliest incarnations. MAXIMUM RATING: FOUR STARS. – T.L. Ponick, Washington Times Rameau Steps out from Curtains of Obscurity: Talk about neglected genius! The Wolf …

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La Traviata

Review Quotations Judging from Saturday night’s opening, this “La Traviata” is anything but a perfunctory reading of an operatic chestnut…Chuck Hudson’s direction is refreshingly naturalistic for an opera that could easily slip into false melodrama. The teeming ensemble is impressive in individualizing the many minor characters, even when engaging in the layered, interweaving choral pieces …

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