Knoxville Opera

Composer: Georges Bizet
Conductor: Brian Salesky

Director: Chuck Hudson

Review Quotations

Very impressive to me was the difficulty of the physical actions required while singing sometimes complex vocals, whether dancing, sitting or lying down.…stage director Chuck Hudson seems to have accomplished quite a feat with such an expansive work and the performances by each of the lead actors seemed to be as good as I could have imagined.

A Strong Cast Rules Knoxville Opera’s ‘Carmen’:A plus for this production was an exceptional roster of acting singers (who) brought energy, freshness, and character depth, not to mention captivating vocal performances.

‘Carmen' entices, delivers:There is a lot to like about "Carmen," being staged by the Knoxville Opera at the Tennessee Theatre…stage director Chuck Hudson populates(the stage) with lush groups of singers…At several moments in the opera, Hudson places his cadre of female cigarette factory workers so they look like Degas' dancers, sitting with their skirts hiked up and legs spread wide.