Wolf Trap Opera: American Professional Premier

Composer: Jean-Philippe Rameau
Conductor: Antony Walker

Director: Chuck Hudson

Review Quotations

Director Chuck Hudson and choreographer Catherine Turocy have effectively re-created that charming mix of martial arts and dance that has been a vital sideshow in French opera since its earliest incarnations. MAXIMUM RATING: FOUR STARS.

Rameau Steps out from Curtains of Obscurity: Talk about neglected genius! The Wolf Trap Opera Company ( production of Rameau's opera "Dardanus")... compensated for bygone neglect with a sparkling performance, worthy of the historic occasion.

Witman also lucked out in her production staff. Director Chuck Hudson, fluent in French, had trained with and become a close associate of renowned mime Marcel Marceau and was also an expert in stage combat...Exchanges between lovers...are enacted with affecting realism. Other scenes emphasize stylized movement by the young women in their draped chitons, or the energetic patterns of wielded spears by the men in short fighting tunics and armor...Ultimately it is very entertaining.