Chuck Hudson’s work as one of the 2011-2012 Schmidbauer Guest Artists was the topic of an article for donors in the Stephen F. Austin State University 2012 Annual report on Giving from the College of Fine Arts:

The cast of A Midsummer Night’s Dream feels privileged to have been directed by New York-based guest artist Chuck Hudson, who utilized his background as a gymnast, fencer and mime (he was trained by Marcel Marceau) to mount an unusually physical production of Shakespeare’s comedy.

From the auditions through the six-week rehearsal process, the students were struck with Hudson’s professionalism. “There was no wasted time, and he challenged us to rise past the bar he set,” explained Corpus Christi senior Kory Pullam.

British exchange student Abigail Watton was grateful for Hudson’s help with the oftentimes difficult delivery of Shakespearean verse. “The man is magic! He can look at a huge body of text and spot the human emotion behind it. He taught us to fully understand the thought process of every individual line or word, so that we could make the meaning clear to the audience.”

“In college, I’d have done anything to work with people of this caliber,” said Shattuck. “Few students ever encounter such renowned masters.”

Hudson commended the School of Theatre for bringing in professional theatre artists on a regular basis. “Doing so attracts future students and provides unique training and important professional contacts for current students.”

Pullam calls the exposure invaluable. “What the professionals bring in and what we take away can’t be obtained through outside reading. With the professionals, we’re going directly to the fountain and getting the water ourselves.”

See photos of the production here.