Merola Public Master Class, San Francisco Opera

Production photo from Merola Public Master Class, San Francisco Opera

June 30, 2010
San Francisco Opera Merola Program
Chuck Hudson Public Master Class
Herbst Theatre–War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco

In a short amount of time, Hudson so successfully focused each singer’s energy that every single one sang better and more convincingly the second time around… For several other singers, high notes blossomed, and formerly generalized performances became charged with electricity. -Jason Victor Serinus, BAY AREA REPORTER.

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Training nowadays usually begins with Chuck Hudson’s acting classes, in which the voice becomes one with the face and the limbs. (“It was ‘Acting for Dummies,'” says David Lomelí, ’08. “He changed everything.”) -David Littlejohn, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL.

Almost everyone I’ve talked to or exchanged messages with so far has mentioned the magical power of your coaching. -David Littlejohn, during The Wall Street Journal interview.

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Comments from the Merola Board and people in attendance:

“Your Master Class was extraordinary! Thank you for your wonderful words about our Program. You helped us get quite a few new members.”

“I am so grateful to you for all the fabulous work again…And the master class was a huge hit, so you may have to do more of those in the future! You’re a great asset.”

“I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful master class last night. Everyone I spoke with had an amazing time, and – especially some opera newcomers – were blown away at the insider’s look at your training process. It was just buzzing! We are so grateful.”

“The master class was truly fabulous!!! I had a wonderful time and everyone I spoke with afterwards did as well. People were so impressed we got twelve new members at the reception afterwards.”

“Chuck, the class was a revelation. I knew you were a lovely guy….now I know you are an awesome teacher! Thank you for giving so much to our Merolini.”

“I was in the audience at your Merola Master Class on June 30. I was spellbound by you and your methods. And of course, very impressed with the singers. Many thanks!”