The Merry Widow: Nevada Opera

Composer: Franz Lehár
Stage Director: Chuck Hudson
Conductor: Michael Borowitz

Nevada Opera’s “Merry Widow” waltzes into Reno’s Pioneer Center

Franz Lehar’s sumptuously tuneful “The Merry Widow” … a production that looks ravishing, sounds glorious and entertains to the nth degree (with) Chuck Hudson’s swiftly paced and picture-perfect staging.

Director Hudson has framed the production in a series of early 20th Century “Vanity Fair” setups that give the show a style and glamour that’s irresistible. Hudson’s ability to fill the stage with real men and women (albeit “real” in the operetta sense) with personal agendas audiences love to follow is also a major plus. That the show ends with the traditional fairytale happy ending only makes a night out with Nevada Opera’s glittering “The Merry Widow” that much merrier.

Jack Neal