Così fan tutte: Opera Santa Barbara

Production photo from Così fan tutte: Opera Santa Barbara

Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Stage Director: Chuck Hudson
Conductor: Valéry Ryvkin

Sensitive to musical nuance, Mr. Hudson made some wonderful connections between the score and detailed stage business. Delightful…moments between lovers at the end of the first act that had a cause-and-effect relationship to the women’s high notes. Peter Frisch, Santa Barbara News Press

Fresh voices, witty direction, and clever acting are winning assets in Opera Santa Barbara’s production of Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte…(OSB) has recruited an innovative director, Chuck Hudson, whose background in mime enables him to flesh out amusing moments even before the first note is sung. Rita Moran, The Star-TimeOut

Such a meringue of a plot requires superb singing and deft comic timing to pull off. This cast succeeds, helped enormously by New York stage director Chuck Hudson, whose stagecraft is impeccable. Margo Kline, Valley Voice

We are fortunate indeed in having stage director Chuck Hudson direct “Così” for us. In a piece such as “Così”, with so many levels of meaning, the use of gesture is tremendously important for conveying the subtle and sensual undertones of this work. Mr. Hudson with his background of working side by side with the legendary mime Marcel Marceau is in my opinion, just the right man for the job.I’m sure you will enjoy “Cosi fan tutte.” Valéry Ryvkin, Artistic Director