Role Preparation Master Class Series–ONLINE

Many singers have wanted to participate in the 5-Session Role Preparation Master Class Series I have been presenting online this year for companies like San Francisco’s Merola Program, dell’Arte Opera, MassOpera, Minnesota Opera’s and Orlando Opera’s Resident Artist Programs, among others.

I am producing this series myself for “freelance” singers who would like to gain these skills as well. I continue to be sensitive to the financial challenges we are all facing with Covid-19 restrictions on our industry and so I am offering these 90-Minute Sessions very affordably.

You may participate in one or more for $30.00 each and you may participate in all five for $125.00, basically making one session free.

January 2021 Dates and Times TBA

Session 1:
Mining the Text for Character and Action
A simple 6-step technique to mine a libretto for clues to create Character and Action.

We train actors to read a script not simply for storyline, but for Character and Action. Reading “the story” is like me having a complete orchestral score in front of me and only reading the melody line. I am missing a huge percentage of the orchestration. It is the same with the libretto of an Opera.

Session 2:
Acting Bigger-an Online Movement Master Class

A particular challenge for presentational forms of performance like Opera and Musical Theatre is “making things bigger”. Directors love what you do in rehearsal, but when you move onstage and they want you to “be bigger,” and you lose touch with the dramatic truth you had before. Learn how to “make the invisible visible” without “acting it out.”

Session 3:
Creating the Character’s World

Another simple 6-step technique to flesh out the Given Circumstances combined with 3 Pairs of Opposing Environments, which allows you to create THE WORLD OF THE OPERA in specific detail.

Session 4:
Creating Action

This session takes the mystery out of Acting and makes it easy as pie to generate a logical sequence of actions you can play moment to moment, rather than trying to play an emotion that can interrupt your ability to sing well.

Session 5:
Arias and Action

Auditioning with Arias demands that a singer generate a multidimensional “performance” when they will not have the production elements and context of a performance on stage. The Cube of Space Technique is designed to “sculpt the space” around solo performance and I have successfully employed these concepts with singers over the past 20 years. It is the “bang for the buck” part of my instruction that helps the singer to stand out from the herd, to gain control over their audition arias no matter where they are performed, and to truly enjoy performing them again.

“I wanted to let you know that your workshop changed my entire perspective on my work as an artist and it was such an incredible experience for me. I feel your work was the missing piece in my work as an artist and it will be something I will use for the rest of my life as a performer. Thank you from all my heart!!” –Sigal Chen, Soprano: NYC

“I loved how clear, specific and easy to follow every session was. Your experience on the stage and as an acting coach was evident…at the end I felt encouraged.” –David Rivera Bozón, Tenor: Boston

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