Online Movement & Acting Master Classes

Role Preparation Master Class Series

“I wanted to send a big thank you for your time, dedication, insight, and knowledge!  The class was always the highlight of my week. While I was familiar with a good amount of the information and techniques, the way you present and interpret it is superior. It is simple and specific while at the same time engaging and thought-provoking!!

Aurora Martin: Soprano: Boston

1) Textual Evidence for Creating Character and Action: 90 Minutes

“An actor must behave truthfully under imaginary circumstances.”

A simple 6-step technique to mine a libretto for clues to create Character and Action.

We train actors to read a script not simply for storyline, but for Character and Action. Reading “the story” is like me having a complete orchestral score in front of me and only reading the melody line. I am missing a huge percentage of the orchestration. It is the same with the libretto of an Opera.

2) “Acting Bigger”: 90 Minute Movement Master Class

A particular challenge for presentational forms of performance like Opera and Musical Theatre is “making things bigger”. Directors are constantly saying, “I loved what you were doing in rehearsal. It was intimate and connected and truthful…but now we’re onstage and I need you to be bigger.” Suddenly everyone starts to mug, or they begin moving their arms around as if “taking up more space” was the way to “act bigger.” The director sees this messy action that is no longer truthful and says “oh, well, singers can’t act” and they give up.

The 5 Movements of Pure Thought
Making the invisible visible without “acting it out” 
What is “Moment to Moment Acting” and how to do it?

3) Creating the World of the Opera through the Given Circumstances: 90 Minutes

The Given Circumstances are everything that you know about your character from the information provided by the Textual Evidence Worksheet from the first session.

This 6-step Technique, combined with 3 Pairs of Opposing Environments, will allow you to create The World of the Opera in specific detail.

4) Creating Action: 90 Minutes

This Master Class addresses how to use the Textual Evidence and Given Circumstances discovered in the previous sessions to create Action while working with a Director.

“Objective, Obstacle, and Action” are familiar Acting Terms. Most singers can define them or even describe them, but not actually USE them.

This Master Class takes the mystery out of Acting and makes it “easy as pie” to generate a logical sequence of actions you can play moment to moment, rather than trying to “play an emotion” that might interrupt your singing.

5) Arias and Action: 90 Minutes

This is the result-oriented session of the series where we apply all the previous individual techniques to an Audition Aria using my unique presentational framework called The Cube of Space.

The framework provides a genuine multi-dimensional structure that helps singers make the invisible visible by creating a grounded, motivated, and honest performance. By focusing imagery in a way that imprints the voice with specific dramatic action, The 5 points of the Space, the 3 Levels of Consciousness, and the 5 Movements of Pure Thought combine to create a tangible and reliable foundation, freeing singers to make bold and active choices, and to become more physically expressive during the audition.

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Coming Soon: Mentoring Stage Directors

Group Master Class Series / Private Sessions

I want to extend my gratitude to you for working with the Athlone Artists over these past few months. It has been a treat to learn from someone who has such a mastery of his craft, and to do so in such an organized and entertaining way.

Susie Hellman-Spatafora, Soprano: St Petersburg