Monologues for Singers

Many opera and music theatre companies are adding spoken monologues to their audition process. Perhaps you worked on monologues in school or perhaps you have never learned to approach one–either way many singers find themselves struggling with their voices and acting skills because they believe monologues are intimidating.

Like singing an aria, you must divide the speech into playable beats of action and not be tempted to play it as a single wash of emotion. In this 2-Hour Master Class, Chuck Hudson offers you the keys to enjoying monologues.

In this session we will apply various techniques to approach 4 different monologues, both classical and contemporary.  You will learn to discover your argument and intention, to arrange the beats of action in a dramatically compelling way, and to select Operative Words and Active Verbs to color your vocal choices with clarity and meaning as you speak.

Similar 2-hour Master Classes designed for actors range between $75.00-$110.00 each, and can be confusing for singers who are not familiar with the vocabulary they use. I am sensitive to the financial challenges we are all facing with Covid-19 restrictions on our industry, so I am offering this class to singers for only $30.00. 

Wednesday October 7 from 6:00-8:00 PM EST

<em>Hosted on ZOOM by Dell'Arte Opera Ensemble</em>
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“Chuck is the real deal – highly recommended!”  -Julie Wyma, Executive Director, Opera Programs Berlin