Master Classes, etc.

Due to restrictions to combat the Covid-19 Pandemic, I am presenting many of my Acting and Movement Master Classes for singers and stage directors Online.

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September 2020

Athlone Artists: NYC Online

    • Arias and Action: Audition Skills for Singers

The Empowered Musician Program: Boston Online

    • 5 Session Role Preparation Series for Singers

MassOpera: Boston Online

    • 5 Session Role Preparation Series for Singers
    • Find more information on the MassOpera Website



     New York Singing Teachers Association: NYC Online

  • Acting Bigger: Movement Master Class for Singers

January 2021

     YoungArts: Miami Online

  • Acting Bigger: Movement Master Class for Singers

Check back often for additions to the schedule

Master Classes Topics Include

* Acting and Movement Techniques for Singers and Actors
* Arias and Action: A 3 Dimensional Technique for Auditioning and Solo Performance
* Free Your Creativity: Performing Artists are Creative Artists
* Creating a Role: Advanced Acting Techniques
* Comedy and Comic Timing
* Act Bigger : Presentational Techniques to play in larger houses
* Trouser Roles and Cross Gender Performance
* Monologues for Singers
* Marrying Vocal & Acting Techniques
* Generating Original Works: Movement Theatre, Plays, Opera
* One Man Shows: Techniques for creating Solo Performances
* Master Classes for Stage Directors
* Baroque Period Style Movement and playing Molière Texts
* Elizabethan Movement Techniques and playing Shakespearean Texts
* Period Style Movement from Baroque to Victorian

General Course Objectives

To create and sustain a dimensional and truthful performance in whatever style may be presented. To explore and utilize the complete Psycho-physical energy of the performer; i.e., both physical and mental energies, which allows a greater control of expressiveness by linking specific movement and acting techniques with the generation and truthful expression of emotions and the presentation of dimensional characters in action.

In contrast to the majority of Movement Training courses designed for performers available in the United States, which present exercises that prepare the performer for the stage or that are generally therapeutic, these techniques allow the performer dramatic control over the entire body in order to go “beyond the music” and to “go beyond the words” in the development of character, sub textual conflicts, dramatic intentions, and active choices while performing on stage.

In contrast to the majority of Acting Classes available, these classes are antithetical to the schools dedicated only to Contemporary American Realism which generally distance the performer of style productions from creating truth in their given contexts.

A specific difficulty for chorus and supernumeraries is maintaining action and dimension while “just standing there” or “just sitting there,” and while performing in large groups and oratorio.

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