Keeping Opera Fresh

Truthful Acting comes from Talking and Listening.

The rehearsal process has become shorter and shorter and singers often do not all arrive with the same sense of interest in the whole that a group of actors bring, nor do they have the time they need to develop it.

Out of absolute necessity, producers are spending more time scrutinizing their budget numbers, and need to be able to rely on directors as problem solvers; to know how to achieve performances of supreme artistry in an economic fashion. Stage Directors are often asked to recommend singers for roles and I immediately conjure up the faces of singers who arrive FULLY PREPARED and who collaborate in solving problems quickly.

In this Master Class, singers use the libretto from various Opera Scenes without music, speaking the words like an actor would the “book” of a play or musical, so that the story, action, and subtext become clear and informs the music. Once we establish precisely who is doing what to whom and when, singers stop worrying about where they are standing and really begin to own the action – to take responsibility for more than just their music.

KEEPING OPERA FRESH equips singers with the dramatic tools necessary to succeed in the rehearsal process, which translates into both an effective use of rehearsal time as well as creating engaging, high caliber performances.

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