Movement Techniques for Creating Trouser Roles

Heng Xiu as Princ Charming in Cendrillon at IU Opera Theatre 2009.

Heng Xiu as Prince Charming in Cendrillon at IU Opera Theatre 2009.

For the Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, or Shakespearean actress playing a male role.

Different from female characters in Shakespeare who disguise themselves as boys, female singers in many operas are required to actually play a boy convincingly. With no real technique to employ, they become confused and embarrassed “pretending to be a boy” or feel like they are imitating every production of Peter Pan they have ever seen!

This master class explores the inter-corporeal differences between the physical behavior of men and women and presents specific movement techniques you can employ immediately to “trick the eye” of the audience, helping them to believe that a woman is actually a man.

Based on my own combination of the Dramatic Corporeal Techniques of Etienne Decroux and Marcel Marceau, we will explore geometry, weight, rhythm, and muscular dynamics as we learn simple ways to transform your character on stage or in an audition. We will not be singing in this master class, but we can always apply the techniques learned here in a private coaching later.

I know of no one else who has created a specific physical approach to this work than the one I present in this master class.

“I remember your Trouser Roles class very well. Turned my Sesta into Sesto. Thank you!”  -Sara Armstrong, Mezzo-Soprano

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