Creating a Role-Advanced Acting Techniques

Chuck Hudson's Macbeth: Santa Fe Opera Showcase 2002

A Week-long Master Class Series

Anyone who has ever worked with Chuck knows that he asks exactly the right questions to take the drama to the next level. Jennifer Petersen, Music Director: OperaMission.

How does a singer create a theatrically compelling, three dimensional character on stage? Actors have an exciting answer to that question and so can “singing actors.”

Musical Analysis often makes you so heady that it does not serve your character, and if you do make an attempt at Dramatic Analysis, you don’t neccessarily know what to look for or how to use it on stage.

Condensed from the Advanced Acting Classes Chuck created for San Francisco Opera’s Adler Fellows Program, this Master Class provides the tools you need to make your own personal statement in a role. Chuck provides all the research material needed, as well as his 16 page outline of worksheets for you to take with you!

Chuck provides you with a specific series of “fun to do” exercises that unlock the hidden potential for action and dimension in any aria, scene, or production.

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