Comedy and Comic Timing

Despina cum Fu Man Chu

Despina cum Fu Man Chu

In the movie MY FAVORITE YEAR, the diva-actor says, “Dying is easy! Comedy is difficult!”

There are universal laws for comic timing and there are various styles of comedy: High Comedy, Low Comedy, Dark Comedy, Melodrama, even Existentialism, Absurdism, and Clown. The music in THE BARBER OF SEVILLE is like champagne, and Slapstick Comedy is like beer–the two do not mix well! We can find the comic in the tragic and the tragic in the comic and all of it must be done with proportion, style, and truth.

Reviews of my comic opera productions always note the virtuosity and specificity of the comic action. Articles with titles like Can Opera Be Funny let us know that the public is uncertain of how Comedy and Opera really work together.

Explore the Laws of Comic Timing by mastering one of Marcel Marceau’s Rupture Exercises, broken down for you moment by moment as the quintessential study of Comedy.

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