Aria Project

Organization is the key to entertainment.

You all know my famous saying: in addition to helping performers organize themselves, I hold myself to that same organization.
In 2010 I began the huge project of scanning and categorizing the past 20 years of my curriculum and my production history, and now I am organizing my approach to coaching arias.

There is over 15 years’ worth of history floating around out there, so I am in the Information Gathering stage of this project. Read further to find out how you can help:

Do you have the pages of music?

In all of my coachings, I ask that you bring me a copy of the music with the translation written on it, and this is where I make my notes on the direction we will take. If you still have this music, will you please make a photocopy and send it to me? I am happy to refund the expense of photocopying and mailing or I will deduct that amount from a future coaching with you.

Do you have recordings of our coachings?

Many of you record your coaching sessions with me. If you still have these recordings, would you please share a copy of that recording with me? I will be generating transcripts of these recordings to cull information about my work, and no one else will hear these recordings other than my assistants who are listening for my work.

How to send the information to me:

Please contact me to find out how to send the information to me.