Creating the Arc of Character in Opera
Master Class Series

Produced By:

Chuck Hudson


July 6 - August 3


12:30 PM-2:30 PM
(Eastern US)
18:30 - 20:30 (Europe)


$160.00 US
for the Series
Including Videos & Worksheets


Live & Asynchronous Video

The Arc of Character clearly establishes how your character is different at the end of the opera compared with the beginning. It maps the inner growth and the changes the character undergoes during the external action and becomes part of the “Internal Plot”.

This series will draw on examples in Opera, rather than the usual literary or cinematic examples, to identify the stages of the Transformational Arc of Character. It presents a simple approach to identify the Spine of your character, their challenges and goals scene by scene as they progress in the action.

I continue to be sensitive to the financial challenges we are all facing with Covid-19 restrictions on our industry and so I am offering these expanded 120-Minute Sessions very affordably. Worksheets for each session make the work easy to do now and in the future.

A video recording of each session will also be available for participants to watch after each live session. If you have to miss a session, you can still learn on your own time.

What to Expect

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July 6
From Beginning to End

The Story Arc clarifies the external conflicts the character confronts during the production. The Arc of Character maps the inner growth and changes the character undergoes during the external action.

"A character succeeds or fails to grow and change (character arc) within the context of the conflict that is unfolding (plot) from the writer’s point of view (theme)."

July 13
Plot the Action of the Story Arc and Character Arc Scene by Scene

Each scene has its own dynamic Arc of Change based on how the character rises to meet the challenges in the Story Arc. In this session, we will identify the obstacles for the character in each scene and create the Dynamic Line of Action for your character moment by moment.

July 20
Using the Character’s Spine to create the Arc of Character in each Aria.

After plotting the Character Arc from beginning to end of the entire show, and then more specifically from beginning to end of each scene, this session explores how the arc of each Aria contributes to and supports the other arcs.

July 27
The Stages of the Transformational Arc of Character

Drawing on examples from Opera, we will learn to identify the various stages of the Character Arc from the behavior that resists change, to the Awakening and Exhaustion of the Rising Action, to the First and Second Turning Points, Moments of Decision, the Breaking Point, and what makes a character Heroic or Tragic.

Aug 3
The Hero’s Journey and the Transformational Arc of Character

Modern approaches to Character Arcs and Story Arcs are often a combination of the Dramatic Structure of Classical Drama and the Hero’s Journey. These elements combine to create the Dynamic Wave Pattern that moves the action of the Opera forward and develops characters.

We can combine all of these elements into a single pattern: an image you can use as a guide to make your Arcs of Character specific and clear.

So many great tools, I don’t know even where to begin. I want to go do the work with all of the characters and arias. You provided us with a great frame work that not only could benefit us as artists, but also in those odd situation where the director is “green” or if there’s no director.

–Kristina Malinauskaite , Soprano (NYC)

I was so impressed by this class. I LOVED the wavy line concept to plot out the arcs of character and the story arc. I especially love watching you because you light up when talking about the intricacies of the winding and braiding together of the plot and character arcs. It makes me so excited to dig in to my current projects.

–Stephanie Lorenz, Soprano (Berlin, Naples FL)

Classical singers getting ready for MET auditions, NATSSA, and anything else, I strongly encourage you to consider this class with Chuck Hudson. A great investment of your time and money!

–Kari Ragan, Voice Teacher (Seattle)