Private Coachings via SKYPE

I thought you were brilliant in managing the Skype session….pacing, getting your point across even though you were on a laptop screen on a barstool across the room.   I felt you really connected even thru that medium and honestly it felt like you were in the room.   -Dean Williamson, Conductor–Music Director of Nashville Opera

This is great, thank you! It was really fun working with you today. I am a little surprised at how well it went from an technology standpoint-pleasantly surprised, that is. I feel 100% more confident and relaxed going into this audition. -Michael Drumheller, Bass-Baritone

Nothing replaces a One-on-One Coaching in person, but Coaching via Skype does allow for more flexibility in scheduling, especially when we are not in the same cities. It also allows for some financial flexibility since you are not responsible for renting a rehearsal studio for us to work. I am always committed to keeping my own fee affordable for you.

Available by appointment:

Weekday times vary per day–afternoons EST preferred. Weekend & Evening Hours TBA.

Please read the following instructions for preparation and then contact Chuck Hudson to arrange dates and times for your private coaching via SKYPE.

  • I charge $60.00 per hour for the coaching. Once you confirm with me you will pay for all the arranged coachings in advance.
  • Payment must be received 48 hours in advance. I prefer VENMO or ZELLE for payments.
  • Please email me a pdf of a clean copy of the music or monologue 48 hours in advance.
  • You must arrange to have an accompanist with you for each coaching if you are singing.
  • If your piece is not in French or English, I will also need a legibly written word-for-word translation on the line of music: not a translation on another page, and not the existing English translation of the piece which is not word specific.
  • I need 48 hours to cancel or move a coaching time at no cost to you, since it will take me that long to replace the hour with another artist. You may cancel or re-arrange coachings after that, but it will not affect any fees paid or owing. Please note: due to limited availability, there are NO cancellations for Weekend coachings: once confirmed, you must pay for that time.
  • Please allow about 1 hour for each aria, song, or monologue you want to work. Some arias with lengthier recits take about 90 minutes.
  • I need to be able to see your entire body as you are singing, so please place your camera at that distance.
  • Your aria must be memorized “off book.” For monologues we can work with the text in front of you.
  • Please be familiar with the entire opera or play and not just the aria or monologue. Our work of creating Action will be informed by the context of the selection within the entire work.
  • We will work on Audition Material such as an Aria from and Opera or Song from a Musical. We will not work on Art Song or Lieder unless agreed in advance.
  • PLEASE NOTE Singers who wish to work on The Doll Song from HOFFMAN, Glitter and Be Gay from CANDIDE, Mein Herr Marquis from DIE FLEDERMAUS, or “scenas” like Ophelia’s Mad Scene from HAMLET, Max’s Aria from DER FREISCHUTZ, Non monsiuer mon mari from LES MAMMELLES de TIRESIAS, or Zerbinetta’s Aria from ARIADNE: these pieces generally require me to stage the aria rather than coach the aria. If you would like to work on these pieces, please let me know in advance as they require special considerations and will require a longer period of time or number of sessions.

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